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"Over 30 years of Property Management Experience & Reliable service"


  • Cooperatives                                                 
  • Private Ownership
  • Sub-leased units
  • Condominiums
  • Commercial rentals
  • Apartment Rentals

Our focus lies not only in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the buildings, but tapping into resources to fulfill our client’s goals.

No property is too small – we specialize in providing assistance to  H.D.F.C. 

 Free consultation

"CCRS has been instrumental in the resale/rental of several units in our building and the creation of our financial portfolio. They have tenaciously gone after bad commercial tenants through the legal system. Without reservation I recommend contracting CCRS for your building management." - Todd P., Shareholder/Board member

"Their experience in dealing with the complex problems that our building was facing is the key to our complete turnabout of fortune. We have accomplished repayment of outstanding tax liabilities to the city, removed illegal tenants and collected arrears and sold a number of units. CCRS is genuinely interested in the welfare of their clients and will go the extra distance to insure that they receive the highest quality of service." - Joseph M., Shareholder/Board member

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